Two new fire babies

I just had to take some pics of my new fire starters plushies, they look so cute together.

Meet P-Chan the shiny Tepig and Ranko the Fennekin.

Fire babies

Fire P-chan
Fire P-Chan's bandana comes from a (presumably) bootleg P-Chan plush I bought on eBay.

Ranko 2
Here is the lovely Ranko, she was made by SpaceVoyager on DeviantArt.

Ranko was designed to look like a Pokedoll and is made of minky (she's super soft!).

Firey kiss
A fiery kiss to end the post. ^^

Collection update soon. I have to. :O

Ryoga cels

Hehe, long time no see. 

I decided to start another collection: pretty much anything Ryoga Hibiki/P-chan, but in particular cels. I understand that these, whatever the anime, are  somewhat hard to get a hold of. And I don't even know where to look for them except on eBay and Yahoo Japan (not many can be found there unfortunately, it's an old anime after all). 

I figured the best way to obtain these cels would be from collectors, but I haven't found any active Ranma 1/2 collecting community so far. 

Hmmm... I'll keep looking, I might get lucky. :P

Anyway, Pokemon-wise, I hope to do a collection update soon. I absolutely must. I even missed my 1st year anniversary. D:
Eh, that's what happens when you have no life out of school and you end your semester with 17 finals. How did we even do that? -_-

Ah well, goodnight everyone. :)

Permanent Sales Post

This will be my permanent sales post (for pkmncollectors). Will update at a later date!

Rules and info:
-Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on April 2nd 2012
-Feedback can be found here (new) and here (old)
-All community rules apply
-Prices are in USD
-Payments via Paypal only (please do not send as "gift")
-I ship internationally from Canada (please note that shipping is expensive)
-Please ask if you need insurance or tracking, as I am not responsible for your items once they are shipped!

Thank you for looking! ^^ 


Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition Set of 6 Postcards MIP - $25 shipped


Wants list

Let me know if you are willing to sell any of these! :)

Annie & Oakley Tomy Figures (Pokémon Movie 5: Pokémon Heroes) ***GRAIL***
Annie Oakley Figures
(picture taken from http://pokemoncandy.weebly.com/index.html)

Umbreon Pokedoll Charm

(Pokedoll charm picture taken from http://morethanbeauty.weebly.com/)

Reshiram Rumble Charm

Leafeon Pokemon Center Charm

Glaceon Pokemon Center Charm

Umbreon Mini Stra

Eeveelution Bell Plush, especially Flareon

Umbreon 026/PLAY Fan Club Promotional Card ***GRAIL**