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Two new fire babies

I just had to take some pics of my new fire starters plushies, they look so cute together.

Meet P-Chan the shiny Tepig and Ranko the Fennekin.

Fire babies

Fire P-chan
Fire P-Chan's bandana comes from a (presumably) bootleg P-Chan plush I bought on eBay.

Ranko 2
Here is the lovely Ranko, she was made by SpaceVoyager on DeviantArt.

Ranko was designed to look like a Pokedoll and is made of minky (she's super soft!).

Firey kiss
A fiery kiss to end the post. ^^

Collection update soon. I have to. :O

Ryoga cels

Hehe, long time no see. 

I decided to start another collection: pretty much anything Ryoga Hibiki/P-chan, but in particular cels. I understand that these, whatever the anime, are  somewhat hard to get a hold of. And I don't even know where to look for them except on eBay and Yahoo Japan (not many can be found there unfortunately, it's an old anime after all). 

I figured the best way to obtain these cels would be from collectors, but I haven't found any active Ranma 1/2 collecting community so far. 

Hmmm... I'll keep looking, I might get lucky. :P

Anyway, Pokemon-wise, I hope to do a collection update soon. I absolutely must. I even missed my 1st year anniversary. D:
Eh, that's what happens when you have no life out of school and you end your semester with 17 finals. How did we even do that? -_-

Ah well, goodnight everyone. :)

Pokémon meme

I decided to make a compilation of all my favorite pokémon memes haha. :P (Do note none belong nor were made by me.) 
Have a good laugh. :D
funny gary


i insist

bitch please

1 hp

magikarp named charizard






one does not simply


Night at the Roxgary, lol.

scraggy funny

ash ass man

flint ahahahqm





Espeon Pokedoll Charm

My newest get, my grail, the Espeon Pokedoll Charm! Just how beautiful this charm is! :D

I can never thank you enough bat_bow_tie! :)

Espy next to winterwish's lovely custom charms.

Permanent Sales Post

This will be my permanent sales post (for pkmncollectors). Will update at a later date!

Rules and info:
-Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on April 2nd 2012
-Feedback can be found here (new) and here (old)
-All community rules apply
-Prices are in USD
-Payments via Paypal only (please do not send as "gift")
-I ship internationally from Canada (please note that shipping is expensive)
-Please ask if you need insurance or tracking, as I am not responsible for your items once they are shipped!

Thank you for looking! ^^ 


Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition Set of 6 Postcards MIP - $25 shipped

Lifesize 1:1 Eevee plush

I can't believe I'm the (new) owner of this beautiful plush:



Just thought I'd upload some pictures of this cutie.

Gets! Lots!

So it's about time for an update! I've been buying like crazy since I've joined the community, so here are some gets! BEWARE: Very Image Heavy.

HM01 CutCollapse )

Feedback Thread

Please leave feedback here if I have bought from you! :)

Wants list

Let me know if you are willing to sell any of these! :)

Annie & Oakley Tomy Figures (Pokémon Movie 5: Pokémon Heroes) ***GRAIL***
Annie Oakley Figures
(picture taken from http://pokemoncandy.weebly.com/index.html)

Umbreon Pokedoll Charm

(Pokedoll charm picture taken from http://morethanbeauty.weebly.com/)

Reshiram Rumble Charm

Leafeon Pokemon Center Charm

Glaceon Pokemon Center Charm

Umbreon Mini Stra

Eeveelution Bell Plush, especially Flareon

Umbreon 026/PLAY Fan Club Promotional Card ***GRAIL**